Environmental Impacts Of Climate Change In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION 1. Climate change is one of the vital environmental challenges that humanity is facing, with implications on natural ecosystems, food production, fresh water, health, etc. The harmful impacts of Climate change are already manifesting themselves round the world witha variety of extreme weather events like storms, droughts, floods and cyclones that are mounting in frequency and intensity. In line with the newest scientific assessment, the earth’s Climate system has incontrovertibly modified on each international and regional scales since the pre-industrial era. The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climatechange (IPCC) states that the world mean Climate could increase between 1.4 to 5.80C before the current century ends. This new increase is anticipated to own severe impacts on the world hydrological system, ecosystems, sea level, crop production and…show more content…
The impact would be notably severe in tropical areas thatchiefly consist of developing countries like Pakistan. In Pakistan, Climate change raises issues with its tremendous social, environmental and economic impacts. Pakistan is often exposed to natural hazards like floods, cyclones and droughts. These hazards once combined with the vulnerabilities in the form of poorness, exclusion and inappropriate political choices and actions, make individuals liable to the impacts of hazards. The agricultural sector is most prone to Climate change and changes in cropping and productivity, as results of

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