Impact Of Climate Change On Farmers

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2.3 Impact of Climate Change on farmers
Climate change causes unpredictable rainfall patterns that result in drought and change in temperature which causes crop failure. Rainfall amount declines or reduces as a result of climate change patterns. Crops do not get enough water that will make them produce a better yield. A lot of farmers have lost their animals especially cattle as a result of drought because there is no pasture their animals can graze on, the grazing lands have all been dried up .some of these animals could not withstand the crisis posed by climate change (Due, 2013).
Climate change will affect crop production because agriculture depends on the climate for its production of crops and any changes in the environment will affect both plant and animal production. Climate change causes environmental change that will affect crop production which results in the decline in the state of food insecurity and malnutrition will be on the increase. Climate change causes flooding that leads to death, injuries, loss of property and homes. It exposes people to diseases such as malaria, diarrhoea and cholera. As climate change causes water scarcity and a sombre flooding that leads to an outbreak of diseases (Obsi and Sima, 2015).
Extreme weather causes deaths especially in developing countries; a lot of fishing grounds have been depleted, flooding’s, storms and droughts are destroying crops harvest particularly in areas that are prone to the adverse effect of climate change.

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