Impact Of Consumer Behavior On Consumer Behaviour

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Alen Johny Thomas1 Thashma A.P2 & Rajani P.N3

In today’s world, with the increased internet literacy, the prospect of online shopping has increased in India. Online shopping or E-tailing has made life simple for individuals and groups. Online shopping is the use of technology for better marketing. Most of the company s has started using the technology to cut down their marketing costs, and thereby reducing the price of the products in order to stay ahead in the competitive markets. To attract online customers, it is essential to understand the consumer behaviour and determine what they need and desire. This study concentrates on understanding the buying behaviour of online customers and determining the factors affecting the perception of online buyers in India. This paper is mainly based on secondary data. The type of research is conceptual in nature. This research also provides the organisations and firms standpoint, which helps them to improve and manage their strategies in order to survive in the competitive world.
Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, E-tailing, Internet Literacy, Online Shopping.

All the authors are the students from M.Com (IB), St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous)

The world is changing at momentous speed and no aspect of our life is being spared from the change. Today, the online shopping has become a trend in India and we are in the phase where online

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