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Abstract: “The need of hour is to have the knowledge”, for consumers it is necessary to have the knowledge of the product they are using and for manufacturer it is necessary to have the knowledge of the consumers they are serving. The objective is to identify and study the impact of consumer behavior factors on purchase decisions. 200 respondents between 8-25years age groups belonging to Patiala, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Amritsar city of Punjab are taken under study. Statistical tools like coefficient of contingency, Chi-square, and t-test is used with the help of SPSS for data analysis. Study reveals that changed family structure affects consumers purchase behavior. Nuclear family members show more autonomy over purchase rather than joint family.…show more content…
Even experts in this field consider consumer behavior difficult to predict (Armstrong & Scott, 1991). Consumer purchase behavior can be defined as the way in which consumers or buyers of goods and services tend to react or behave when purchasing products that they like. During the process of purchasing of goods and services, buyers tend to exhibit different types of buying behavior and their behavior are influenced by the type of product he/she wants to buy. According to cart Wright “Influence has been defined as something that is inferred when one person act in such a way as to change the behavior of another in some intended manner”. Consumer purchase behavior is a psychological process, Where the buyer has to identify the product, study its features, prons, cons and lastly deciding on whether to purchase it or not. Consumer purchase behavior would make a certain buyer to purchase product A as opposed to product B, all that is a result of the buying decisions made on the basis of product needs and requirements. Consumers of goods and services may possess different types of consumer purchase behavior that are unique to themselves. The purchase behavior of one consumer may be different from those of other consumer. Consumer purchase behavior research attempts to understand the buyer decision-making process and the factors that affect the decision (purchase or not…show more content…
Such a positive emotion may directly affect the consumer’s purchase behaviour. Booth and Shepherd (1988) argued that cultural and economic factors, consumer’s personality, attitudes, values and emotions, affect consumers’ decision making process regarding food selection. Aaker (1991) reveals that the origin label is an important source of value added to European agri-business. Kotler (1994) identified that consumer buying behaviour is influenced by cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Steenkamp (1996) identified that biological, psychological and socio - demographical consumer’s characteristics, marketing of the product, economic and cultural environment affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to Murray et al. (1996) in Food, high importance has been given by consumers in diet and health issues, price, governmental actions, cultural factors, distribution channels and the dominance of the supermarket chains also affect consumers buying behaviour within E.U countries. Louriero and McCluskey (2000), Fotopoulos and Krystallis (2002) suggest that consumers are often willing to pay a price premium for origin labels. Michalopoulos and Demoussis (2001) Sdrali and Apostolopoulos (2002), and Lazaridis (2009) stated that religious prohibitions, cultural beliefs and counterculture attitudes have a

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