Impact Of Consumerism In The 1950s

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As World War II came to an end, the United States entered the 50s. This decade became a major influential time that brought many cultural and societal changes. Categories such as the economy, where a boom in new products increased, the technology world which incorporated new medicines and computers, entertainment when the television became popular and the overall lifestyles that Americans adapted to. All of these topics reshaped and created several advancements throughout society during the 1950s. The economy was a category that experienced a significant growth in the 50’s. Consumerism increased after World War II, when the nation stopped prioritizing the military needs, consumer goods became popular as Americans established lives. Consumers and the economy immediately saw an upsurge in new consumer products. These products included washing machines, dishwashers, frozen foods, television, microwave ovens, lawn mowers and automobiles. Overall, products such as the washing machine and dishwashers made life easier and more efficient for families at home. However, automobiles like the Chevrolet, the Rambler and the Hudson Hornet were huge successes when it came to consumerism in the economy. Manufacturers in the automobile industry, would make small changes to every year’s model.
These changes would persuade consumers to buy the new model and that they needed to update their cars every couple of years and ultimately expanded purchasing growth in the 50’s society.
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