Impact Of Cruise Tourism

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Cruise tourism is definitely different from what it used to be in the 1970s. The sector has managed to evolve from a very small part of the oceanic passenger industry in the 1970s to a complete luxury and complex vacation business. The cruise industry is one of the biggest and important segment in the tourism market and it is experiencing a breakneck growth. Therefore, cruise liner are hunting for new routes and part in order to meet up to the increasingly demand of the customer.
The market is still expanding regardless of the global economic crisis. The primary market for cruise activities and the most sort after location is the North-America. It is one of the matured cruise industry in the market with United States accrediting for the majority of its cruise passengers while the European cruise industry is the second fast growing in the market with Great Britain being the biggest European player. The cruise industry in the Netherlands is still relatively small, although major ports like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are growing rapidly. On the other side the Dutch are not really convinced of the luxurious and comfortable way of traveling but there is a growth possibility. But nevertheless there is still excessive potential to be found in the worldwide cruise market.
The next section of this paper present a short overview (Definition and Concept) of cruise tourism. And the third section of this paper will focus on the three main significant impacts generated by
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