Impact Of Csr On Corporate Reputation

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“The triple bottom line” by (John Elkington) 1994, the phrase consists of three P’s i.e. Profit, People & Planet. One is the measure of corporate profit. The second is of company's “people account”—a measure of how socially responsible an organization has been throughout its operations. The third is of the company's “planet” account—a measure of how environmentally responsible it has been. Various researches have been done in this regard. The trends have changed and CSR affects not only the company’s reputation and goodwill but also govern the financial performance. Analysis of several surveys in India suggest that though many companies in India have taken on board the universal language of CSR, CSR seem to be in a confused state. Individual…show more content…
Now what is corporate reputation? According to finding of (kent walker) (1) Corporate reputation may have different dimensions and is issue specific, and (2) different stakeholder groups may have different perceptions of corporate reputations. Keller (1993) defined corporate image as perceptions of an organization reflected in the associations held in consumers’ memory. We are concerned with consumer point of view. Corporate reputation leads to the corporate image of the firm. If customer expectations and the organization service delivery were matched, this would lead to an even closer relationship with corporate reputation by Tawfik El-Nahas(2013). Customer-based reputation reduces perceived risk of customers and encourages greater loyalty Walsh and Beatty,…show more content…
From the view of above hypothesis that a company’s CSR activities can impact purchase decisions and the notion that companies should publicize their CSR activities also support for the idea that increased knowledge of a company’s CSR activities leads to more positive attitudes toward the company, Results from study also indicate that increasing consumer knowledge of a company’s CSR activities makes cents in regards to increasing consumers’ positive attitudes toward the company as well as sales and

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