Impact Of Cultural Globalization

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Submitted by: Shanzay Kaleem, Arooj Aleem, Hadiyah Saeed and Jannat Asif
Submitted To: Ms. Amna Waheeda
Major: Media Studies
Course Title: Media culture and society
Semester: 3rd
Final Project Report
Topic: Cultural Globalization

Cultural Globalization:
Cultural globalization refers to the process of international integration resulting from the interchange of ideas and other cultural aspects. Due to the advancement in technology and wireless communications, culture is globalizing, and it has been seen as a trend toward homogeneity that tends to make human experience same everywhere. Cultural globalization encompasses the formation of shared norms and values with which people link their individual and mutual cultural identities. The transmission of cultures allows individuals to engage in extended social relations across national and territorial borders. Cultural globalization has minimized the scope for diversities and maximized cultural uniformity. We are in the era of culture globalization because of the internationalization of mass communication. However, cultural globalization has its own pros and cons. It is often believed that a culture is affected by a stronger and more dominant culture. That’s how cultural globalization leads towards cultural imperialism. The usual content of transnational media channels is chosen with an aspect to target international audience even if it is initially made for domestic market. Cultural globalization has transcended geographical
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