Impact Of Cultural Imperialism

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1.To determine the impact of media imperialism on the cultural landscapes of the world.
2.To see how the western countries have become a victim themselves.
3.To determine the extent Americanization of cultures through the media.
At all levels of the human entrance, language is very vital, and human behaviours are dependent on that. All types of communication, including the mediated as in mass communication, transmits human values and culture. The history of humanity was passed down by word of mouth until it was written down by the new communication with the advent of printing and other types of communication have come after printing like the telegraphs, phones television & the internet and the new media for inclusion and efficient communications between people. Their paper will look at the role of the media in global cultural imperialism. 1.1.There is an odd balance between the culture of the Western Europe and the culture of the country outside the West. There is a kind of signature by the west of the decline of other nations through commencing, and globalisation and several attempts have been made by scholars, especially those from the west to argue for globalisation as an inevitable drift. Winseck and Pike (2009), examined the Indices that made prominent the global media system around 1860.
Ugo (2009) looks at the issues, cultural issues: globalisation of the press, the new media culture and development of nascent media multiple channels by the youth in

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