Impact Of Cyber Crime

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The 21st century has seen the rise of entirely new challenges, in which criminal and national security threats strike from afar through computer networks with potentially devastating consequences. The FBI continues to adapt to meet these challenges. The FBI Cyber Division was created in 2002 to combat cyber-based terrorism, hostile foreign intelligence operations conducted over the Internet, and cyber crime by applying the highest level of technical capability and investigative expertise. The Cyber Division continues to evolve to meet the FBI’s leading role to defend America against the rapidly growing cyber threat. It aggregates cyber-centered investigations within one division
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As the ability to have personal computers at home became more accessible and popular, cyber criminals began to focus their efforts on home users. The most common cyber crimes during this time were phishing scams, cyber stalking, computer viruses, and identity theft. As the years went on and more and more households bought home computers with Internet access ,cyber crime became bigger and much harder to control. Cyber stalking and harassment also became farmore popular. Middle school and high school kids began to take advantage of the Internet to taunt their classmates and adults would stalk and harass those they also stalked in real life via the internet. Police departments and federal law enforcement have created special divisions specifically to deal with cyber crime. However, by judging the history of cyber crime, it is clear that it is not going to stop anytime soon and it seems like it will just continue to grow until new methods of fighting it are…show more content…
In a day and age when everything from microwave ovens and refrigerators to nuclear power plants is being run on computers, cyber crime has assumed rather sinister implications. Major cyber crimes in the recent past include the Citibank rip off. US $ 10 million were fraudulently transferred out of the bank and into a bank account in Switzerland. A Russian hacker group led by Vladimir Kevin, a renowned hacker, perpetrated the attack. The group compromised the bank's security systems. Vladimir was allegedly using his office computer at AO Saturn, a computer firm in St. Petersburg, Russia, to break into Citibank computers. He was finally arrested on Heathrow airport on his way to

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