Data Standardization In Healthcare Case Study

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Why is data standardization becoming so important in healthcare organizations?

Week 5: HIT Governance and Decision Rights
February 06 to February 12

Name of Student
Pranali R. Chavan
Name of Instructor
Mohammad Bajwa
Name of College
Metropolitan college of New York
Name of the course
HSM 725 SEL/LECT/MHV1-2017/SPRING/01 - Healthcare Technology Management

Why is data standardization becoming so important in healthcare organizations? Pranali R. Chavan and Mohammad Bajwa
School of Business, Metropolitan college of New York
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Standardization is a hot topic in today’s healthcare industry. Data standardization is the critical process of bringing data into a common format
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Although suppliers and hospital management are thought to focus on the cost savings and efficiency aspects of standardization, they actually strive to promote patient safety, along with clinicians (International Organization for Standardization 2013). Patients have difficulty seeing the effects of standardization on their care, but find it beneficial for both themselves and their clinicians. The process of standardization is important to consider when implementing an initiative. Buy-in from key stakeholders in the generation phase is necessary to achieve success. Suppliers find that clinician support provides input legitimacy and lends credibility to their initiative. When standardization is disseminated in the diffusion phase, clinicians who feel that they have a voice in the process are more likely to support the initiative, providing output legitimacy. 9 Standardization that emerges from practice is more meaningful to healthcare professionals than standardization for its own sake. Outlining the goal of standardization in a way that is purposeful to healthcare professionals will aid in the adoption of an initiative. Ideally, promoting patient safety as the ultimate goal provides the most positive feedback (Timmermans, S. and Epstein, S. 2010). Since limitation of resources requires that healthcare professionals alter their practice to adhere to supply availability,…show more content…
With common standards, clinical and patient safety systems can share an integrated information infrastructure whereby data are collected and reused for multiple purposes to meet more efficiently the broad scope of data collection and reporting requirements. Common data standards also support effective assimilation of new knowledge into decision support tools, such as an alert of a new drug contraindication, and refinements to the care
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