Impact Of Deforestation In Malaysia

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The rapid rate of development in Malaysia has made the extent of deforestation by leaps and bounds. In Malaysia, the issue of deforestation cause by certain factors are at an alarming stage. It should has been given great attention by the government. To address these impacts, implementation of law in Malaysia must be a priority. However, the Malaysian constitution does not have an definite provision for the protection or conservation of the environment.[ Sarah Tan Yen Ling. [2013]. A Constitutional Environmental Protection For Malaysia: Some Possibilities, 1 LNS(A) xl ] There is a problem whereby there is limited recognition of indigenous peoples’ legal and land rights by the government regarding to their native customary land. In Gua Musang, Kelantan, there is massive indiscriminate logging of trees seems to be the order of the day, with little replanting, and this has been going on for a long while. It seems as either there are no laws requiring logging companies to log responsibly by cutting only mature trees and do compulsory replanting or there is no proper enforcement of law in the federal and state government.[ Rani Rasiah (3 Mar 2015). Kelantan deforestation: State government must take responsibility. Retrived from] In November 2016, the State Forestry Department stopped issuing permits to enter the forest reserve areas where the Orang Asli (original people) live, reportedly in response to the blockades in Kelantan. However, the forest is still

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