Impact Of Development On Environment

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Environment is a system which provides natural surroundings for the existence of organisms (including humans) and which is a necessary for their future survival. Environment is also defined as a set of all components with which a living organism interacts, and of all surroundings which encompass it. Thus, it is everything that a subject influences, directly or indirectly. A subject can be an organism, a population, a human or whole human society. Development The opinions on what development is to actually mean have passed great evolution in the last half of century and there is no consensus on how to define this notion at present. The causes of this differentiation can be found in the historical contexts of the approaches to development. Economic growth was regarded as central to the development endeavors up to the 1980 's. Gradually, development came to be interpreted as multidimensional concept which should encompass material, social, environmental, political and cultural components (with all of them having a direct impact on the quality of human life). This way it was recognized that there is no single model of development appropriate and desirable for all countries. At the same time emerged the idea of sustainable development, emphasizing the questions related to demographic processes, considerate use of natural resources and mutual influences between a human and his living environment.
Impact of Development on Environment
Environment and Development are
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