Impact Of Digital Advertising

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Abstract It is noticeable how digital graphic advertisements are invading and popping up anywhere in the internet. Due to the smart creation of these types of advertisement which contain effective aspects including the story for video ads, color of graphic, and animation, published on appropriate websites, online users find these ads very fascinating. This paper aims to show that these attributions of digital graphic advertisements build positive perceptions of BA Communication students of De La Salle Lipa. Additionally, the mentioned students find these advertisements effective in their brand recall and choice of products.
For the past years, the internet has invaded and created a great influence most specifically in the field
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Future marketers and ad makers who are the communication students must know the new trend in the advertising industry in order to think and create effective ads. Time has been continuously changing the vogue of advertising and it is important that future innovators and communicators identify this new notion and concept of marketing and branding in the developing world nowadays and for the imminent times. Meanwhile, for the previous years, there were several researches that tackled about the effectiveness of digital graphic advertisements in the side of consumers and the research article entitled Delivering Branding Value through High Impact Digital Advertising, of Baron (n.d) is the framework of this…show more content…
The type of media used is based on the audience and contents it has. Advertisers prefer marketing over the net enclosing these different kinds of digital signage. These digital graphic ads are continuously affecting the desire of customers to purchase and prefer specific brands and products with appealing and catchy ad contents. Ubaldo (2015) stated that Youtube, as one of the digital advertising media, has suited as an astonishing medium for accessibility which has almost a billion viewers for just monthly. The fact is that marketers’ comfort zone is merely making video clips with fast transitions and delivery of text or sound but there is also a common adage that in order to reach any significant goals, one should leave his or her safe zone which is adapting mainstream ways of video advertising in Youtube. This principle can also be applied to other forms of digital ads that are existing and will be about to exist because the generation of millennial seems that, from time to time, a new innovation will be
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