Impact Of Disruptive Innovation In Education

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HBS Professor Clayton M. Christensen and colleagues’ theory of disruptive innovation have brought a new insight in improving the public education. Disruption is a new driving force in transforming the market and making it more progressive and successful. It is an opportunity for those who want to do something but cannot avail the existing service or offer. It is a process whereby services or products which are inaccessible or expensive are replaced by more assessable, simple, convenient and easy to get services. [15]
Disruptive innovation has brought a new way forward in improving the education system in Pakistan and bringing a new conscience in the techniques developed to improve the system. The greatest challenge that is faced by Pakistan in the current scenario is dealing with education. Pakistan is included in eight countries where expenditure on education is less than two percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Still 25 million children in Pakistan are out of school and the country has not devised an effective system to deal with the crisis. In such a scenario the role of technology and innovation is imperative. Three years back Pakistan has announced education emergency and passed an act to make it a right of every child between the age of 5 and 16 to achieve education but these efforts were not noticeable or seen practically on ground level. Even politicians were found engaged only in improving their impression by giving speeches on the topic but no visible practical

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