Impact Of Diversity In The Workplace

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The ways in which diversity can impact on work and work relationships:

Cultural diversity can affect the workplace in numerous ways. Negative impacts can include miscommunication, creation of barriers, and dysfunctional adaptation behaviors. Positive impacts can include building a sound knowledge base fellow colleagues, which can make for smoother integration of the organization into foreign cultures.

Many organizations have recognized that the workforce is changing and they are working to create a work environment in which diversity and difference are valued and in which employees can work to their fullest. They are dealing with the problems that arise when people in the workplace communicate. Businesses must be aware of the impact of cultural …show more content…

These differences contribute to the organizations ability to be flexible, generate problem solutions, relate effectively to a wide range of clients and to providing a balanced range of services.

An organization can invest in developing effective employment programs and strategies that support diversity, but unless they have created an inclusive work environment, that celebrates and builds on differences and that is productive, rewarding, enjoyable and healthy for everyone concerned, they are likely to find that diversity creates more problems than it solves. They will be unable to take advantage of the benefits of diversity and are likely to have difficulty retaining employees.

Work practices that make environments safe for all have achieved cultural competence and as a result are demonstrating cultural safety. Overall, this means that the workplace if spiritually, socially and emotionally respecting and appreciating different cultures and that there is no assault, challenge or denial of any person’s identity. As a result, everybody feels welcome and productive at …show more content…

Everyone needs to reflect on their own limitations with regard to self and social awareness to help become more accommodating of difference.

How diversity should be valued and accommodated:

Managers, supervisors, team leaders and workers must demonstrate respect for diversity in a range of activities and situations including but not exclusive to:

- Dealing sensitively with persons of diverse race, ethnicity, class, ability, sexual preference and age
- Working and dealing equitably with people of different genders
- Accommodating cultural and spiritual needs of clients
- Compliance with duty of care
- Provision of information that can be readily understood by people from a range of different background and with different educational abilities
- Communicating effectively with workers, clients and other stakeholders
- Providing appropriate care- in terms of physical and psychological care that meets the needs of clients (including where relevant, palliative

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