Future Of Higher Education Essay

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With the rise in pollution and an increase in people going to higher institutions, it has become essential for people to find affordable quality education. Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” [1]. Therefore the aim of this report is to ascertain whether higher education has lost its image in the name of business and profit. This report presents the arguments laid down by different sources.

There are currently 23 public universities and universities of technology in South Africa,

This increase has brought both positive and negative impacts on the education industry. One of the positive impacts is that the increase has actually accommodated more people to get a chance to study further after high school. And one of the negative impacts is that the increase has created a gap for business where high fees are charged and sees a number of unregistered institutions, called “fly-by-nights”.
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A decade after strict regulation of private higher education institutions were introduced, the choices for students are improving. And this is good news for prospective students who viewed a public university as their only option yet failed to secure a space at one of them, as they are now able to consider other good quality post-school education options [8].

Overcrowding is a major issue with state universities. The problem with this is that the state’s aim is to increase university attendance levels for the sake of gaining politically, while at the same time trying hard not to increase spending on the universities. The result is an increase in attendance, without the same increase in funding from the state. This leads to larger class-sizes and less spending per student [9]. Furthermore, these problems result in disconnected lecturers who, due to increased class sizes, cannot connect properly to their students or offer more than hasty assistance to struggling
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