Importance Of Employee Engagement

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ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT…. What is this Engagement?? This is the time for us to remember the thoughts of Great Saint Swami Vivekananda “Work is work ship” he describes total commitment and Engagement for productivity. The same principles adopted for the project Employee Engagement & its impact on turnover of its current and separated employees.
There is no clear definition on Employee Engagement, according to oxford dictionary the word “Engagement” means, “become involved, attract interest or attention & pledge oneself to do something”. Employee Engagement is the level of commitment and involvement an employee has towards their organization
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It is a positive attitude held by the employees towards the organization and its values. It is rapidly gaining popularity, use and importance in the workplace and impacts organizations in many ways. Hence, raising and maintaining employee engagements lies in the hands of the organization and requires a perfect blend of time, effort, commitment and investment to get full productivity and to craft a successful endeavor.

Professor Chris Ellis 2 opines that over the past 20 years, the term “engagement” has been used inconsistently to describe employees. “Engagement “is often used to describe employee attitudes, such as satisfaction or trust. It is also common for “Engagement” surveys to measure perceptions, such as satisfaction with pay. He defines Engagement as “knowing what to do at work (vision)” and “wanting to do the work (commitment)”. He states that engagement is critical for employers because it drives individual and organizational performance. However, unlike high turnover, problems with engagement are not always evident. Clues can to found in one or more areas such
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Mentoring may be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for companies to impact engagement

Triple creek’s believes that Engagement centers on eight common themes, such as, having adequate resources, having development opportunities, making personal connections, receiving constructive feedback, having clear goals, making a personal contribution, understanding task significance & feeling pride in one’s company.

According to Triple creek’s engaged employees lead to engaged customers, which results in sustainable growth, profits and higher stock value.

Professor Oliver Wyman 5 defines that a strategic engagement approach can identify the best and most cost-effective way of actively engage employees in achieving your company’s business goals. He states that building the critical context for engagement approach is very important. If your company has tried to engage, excite and empower employees to drive its strategic objectives, only to fail, it may be lacking the right organization conditions. In our work helping companies develop high-performance cultures, or operating environments, we’ve identified five underpinnings to successful engagement such as CEO Support, a clearly articulated vision and strategy, Aligned culture and values, involved and supported leaders, harmonized people

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