Impact Of External Business Environment On Automobile Industry

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SUMMARY In this report, I am explaining how the impact of External Business Environment on Automobile industry in UAE. Also, how the external environment factors are dominant on the growth of an industry including dimensions of management, human resource, marketing and IT tools used in the Industry. INTRODUCTION The Automobile business is a blend of organizations and companies engaged with the plan, advancement, assembling, promoting, and offering of vehicles. External environment is outside influences which has an effect on the industry. The environment factors help the industry to go through vast changes. Emergence of new competition have huge impact on vehicle development and design. Advancement of technology has helped the industry to use more high-tech driving capabilities. Other Environment factors include Political, Legal, Economic, Socio culture factors etc. After Saudi Arabia, UAE is the second largest automobile Industry in the GCC. Cars account to 80 percent of the U.A.E. Trucks, vans and buses accounting the rest of the 20 percent. POLITICAL Government activities which influences the operations of an organization or business Entrepreneurs and managers give careful consideration to the political condition to determine how government activities will influence their organization. Political factors have huge influence on the profitability of the automobile industry. Political also include goods and services which the government wants to provide and goods
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