Impact Of Feminism In Society

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Impact of the literary work in English About feminism in both societies
Throughout the history of this world, women have been neglected, suppressed and trodden down upon in an effort to systematically reduce them to a level lower than men for objectification as well as exploitation. However women’s groups and movements have fought against this oppression and for the equality of women to grant them suffrage, free will, a respectable place in society as well as a chance to make something out of themselves. This is the ethos of feminism and the feminist movement which has its roots in 18th century in France. This earliest feminism emerged after and influenced by the French Revolution and the American War of Independence. Both supported values
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They mobilized support that led to passage of the Muslim Personal Law of Sharia in 1948, which recognized a women’s right to inherit all forms of property. They were also behind the futile attempt to have the government include a charter of women’s Right in the 1956 constitution. The 1961 Muslim Family laws Ordinance covering marriage and divorce, the most important socio legal reform that they supported, is still widely regarded as empowering to…show more content…
This is sadly a very far cry from the truth but then anything in Pakistan which does not suit the popular and corrupt mindset is usually deemed an agenda of some foreign white hall of power which forever hangs over us in our imaginations. This new modern liberating mindset as it is painted has been around ever since the days of Fatima Jinnah who fought for women’s rights throughout her life. Rana liaqut Ali Khan who founded the “United front for women’s rights” was another pioneer in activism in those days. In fact the early days of the feminism were met with great success as women not only achieved the right to vote but made it part of the constitution to have representation reserved for them in the parliament from 1956 to 1973. After this came Bhutto era, and this really opened up all government services to women including the district management group and the foreign service (in the civil service), which had been denied to them earlier. About 10 percent of the seats in the National Assembly and 5 percent in the provincial assemblies were reserved for women in this era. The 73 constitution which is often and rabidly quoted by all and ball in our land specifically states that “there shall be no discrimination on the basis of sex alone”. The

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