Impact Of Global Advertising

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The advertising world recently showed a very rapid growth, so rapid, until this day we know the existence of Global Advertising. We can conclude global advertising as a medium in communication, in a well-planned marketing strategy, made up in the form of advertising where ads are presented in such a way to bring the involvement of the consumer. However, what if the global advertising affecting peoples behavior and causing high consumerism?
In the book by Thomas McPhail, entitled Global Communication Theories, Stakeholders, and Trends (2006) chapter 9, about how is the role of core nation as a dominant country, in which, most of the leading companies involved in the global competition of advertising, they acts as electronic imperialists with
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Nowadays globalization has spread throughout the world, including Indonesia, just imagine what kind of people that have not been exposed to the signals of globalization until now. Even though the advertising agency. Indonesia as a phery-phery nation become a soft target for core nation to be able to build their brands in here, it happens because both government and peoples are very open to new things, and we did not realize that there is an impact for our behavior. In the second book, it says that in order to do a brand building, it takes their creativity to create an advertising that is persuasive enough and assessed in accordance with the cultural context in Indonesia, if their advertising is not match at all, peoples will not even care with their brand. Therefore, the very first step for global agency is doing resources, eg Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the US they are serving mash potato, sweet corn, mac & cheese and so forth, because the three of those foods are their daily life food. If the KFC served those foods in Indonesia, there is a possibility that they may be out from the competition, because those foods are different for the taste of Indonesian people. So, KFC is taking a slow and thorough examination to face Indonesian market. The famous fried chicken that become the main menu in Indonesia served with rice as the carbohydrate, which the stomach of Indonesian citizen will not be satisfied, until they ate the rice. KFC in Indonesia also provide a chilli sauce as the complements, because as we know citizens in Indonesia loves spicy food, so they provide it, it is amazing because this is one of the strategies that adopted by KFC in order to become the market leader in

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