Impact Of Global Migration On Food Security

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FOOD SECURITY AND GLOBAL MIGRATION ARE WE TAKING IT SERIOUSLY? Often in search of better job opportunities, people travel to other countries which is referred to as “global migration”. However, global migration can have negative and positive impacts on a country’s food security. Food security can be characterized as when all people in a given country, have physical and economic access to adequate, safe, and nutritious food which meets their requirements for an active and healthy life, at all times. Throughout this article potential impacts of global migration on food security would be explored. Global Migration and Food Security Changes in the labour force Changes in the labour force, occurring as a result of global migration, affects food security. When people migrate, the production sector of that country experiences a loss regarding the labour force, potentially allowing less income generation and food production. The reduced productivity and efficiency hinders food security as the ability of people to access safe and nutritious food is affected. However, there is the potential that when people migrate into a country, the outcome is positive on food security. Migration allows people better job opportunities to gain better income. Better income enables the transfer of cash and food across countries, rewarding the sender and receiver with an increased ability to access nutritional facilities thus promoting food

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