Essay Effect Of Wildfires On The Environment

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IMPACTS OF GLOBAL WARMING ON THE ENVIRONMENT SLINDILE.C MAZIBUKO 215011983 UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU NATAL WESTVILLE CAMPUS DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA ABSTRACT One of the biggest problems facing the world today is global warming. It is evident that there is climate change around the world. In recent years, we have so many unusual hurricanes, typhoons, floods, droughts and earthquakes. Plants and animals that lived in the cold climates are now disappearing. Many scientists believe that our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is having a heat effect on the atmosphere and this could be dangerous for the environment and human life (Hansen, 2011). This article will examine the causes of global warming, its impacts and the remedies we can do to combat global warming. Many problems could result from global warming. Increase…show more content…
Hot and dry conditions cause earth surface to be drier and this lead to massive wildfires which destroy wildlife habitat and inject huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are some positive impacts of wildfires on the environment, wildfires clean up a forest of dead and decaying matter. They maintain ecosystem balance by removing diseased plants and harmful insects and regeneration of seeds through sunlight. They kill invasive species, allowing for indigenous species to continue thriving. Wildfires can engender flash flood conditions and enable soil erosion, with an increase in water runoff. Aside from deforestation, wildfires affect habitat of the environment population and distribution of species after incident is not the same. It poses risks to human life and health due to heavy smog released in the atmosphere that can cause respiratory diseases. Damages the
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