Impact Of Globalisation In Zimbabwe

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INTRODUCTION Globalisation is the process of the intensification of economic, political, social and cultural relations across international boundaries as noted by Akindele (1990). The world has become a single global village resulting from increased trade, political interferences and cultural exchange of ideas between nations thus both the developing and developed countries now depend on each other for political, cultural and economic activities. This report looks at the effect of globalisation in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. Expectations are that this report will be able to show how globalisation has negatively affected Zimbabwe particularly by contributing to its under-development, thus leading to its economic crisis. It focusses on the three dimensions of globalisation that is political, economic and cultural as noted by Held, D. & McGrew, A(2002). POLITICAL GLOBALISATION ‘The political dimension of globalisation’ shifts the process of decision making from state oriented to international organisations. In other words it signals the end of a nation’s sovereignty. Sovereignty is a fundamental aspect of the nation-states according to Scholte (2000:133). A state can only be sovereign if it exercises full dominion and authority over its territory but then globalisation is slowly creating a web of interconnectedness, shaping people’s lives through decisions made relatively miles of distances away from them ( Global Sociology, 2015 ) Political globalisation is

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