Positive And Negative Impacts Of Globalisation On Culture Essay

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Question 1: Examine the positive and negative impacts of globalisation on culture
According to the Britannica Encyclopaedia, “Globalisation is a phenomenon by which the experience of everyday life, as influenced by the diffusion of commodities and ideas, reflects a standardization of cultural expressions around the world.” This means that globalisation results in the creativity of individuals deemed similar due to cultural ideas being made uniform. Globalisation can lead to the loss of individualism which is a negative impact because when everything is homogenized, inspiration from culture would considered blatant as standardization is so widely followed. Globalisation also leads to the loss of minority cultures and their traditions. Nevertheless,
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The cultural barriers are made less distinct because communication and understanding between people of all races would be better, misunderstandings would reduce. Globalisation of ideas introduced makes everyone empathize better despite the cultural differences. It also enriches our cultural experience as we get to understand more about our cultural practices and why they are practiced. For example, by globalising cultural festivals as public holidays, we learn a lot more about other cultures and our own. We can still say that not everyone really celebrates the traditions, but at least we are empathetic about the people who celebrate them, which makes understanding between people of other cultures and our own better. So this allows culture to be more freely practiced. Therefore, globalisation does have positive impacts on culture because it allows people to exchange commodities and ideas creating a progressive society in terms of culture.
In conclusion, globalisation impacts culture negatively because it brings down people’s self-identity by excluding minority cultures and it brings upon loss of individualism as creativity can no longer be supported by familiar cultures. Yet, globalisation allows information to be exchanged regardless of cultural backgrounds as globalisation brings awareness of other cultures and our
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