Impact Of Globalisation On Education

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Profound developments in “knowledge technology, skills” and capabilities have taken place in the past few decades.The reach of mass media and the proliferation of mobile phones have placed information and technology within easy reach of all.These along with the penetration of the internet,have impacted teaching and learning technics. Globally Indians are displaying their best abilities and competencies in all areas.At the same time,struggles which arises out of superstitious and blind beliefs,freedom of expression,communal and caste conflicts,social justice and access to basic education as well as health care are looming at large.A key area that this open up is the need to revitalize values of human welfare,freedom,dignity,social justice,peace…show more content…
7.HIGHER EDUCATION HAS BEEN REMARK OF USER-PAY BASIS: The linkage of performance to allocation of operation fund leads to intense completion among universities associated with the move of privatisation of higher education .Tensions between academic and commercial based subject are increasing where it shows a substantial decline in public funding the current globalisation of higher education is mainly motivated by profits .Its goal to meet market demand and to create a market for variety of educational projects. With substantial growth in international student market system the issue of regulation of providers arises.where it shows that lack of regulation is a major issue became globalisation of higher
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