Impact Of Globalisation

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Globalisation is the process of international integration which arises from the exchange of ideas, products, goods and other aspects of culture. The effects of Globalisation Globalisation undoubtedly brings about various effects on the global scale. There has been increased communication in the world market due to the development of countries’ infrastructure, namely the transport infrastructure and the Information & Technologies (IT) infrastructure. In the transport infrastructure, there has been an emergence of more direct and faster transport connections in most modes and lower costs of all passenger and goods transport over the same period. The rapid evolution of transport innovation and technology such as China’s high-speed bullet train has led to enhanced comfort and safety. These trends today indicate that accessibility is a key factor for economic development in countries. The accessibility of people, production and market depends mostly on having faster and bigger links between the places concerned and other regionally and internationally essential economic locations. The only way to boost such accessibility is through globalisation, which has spurred countries to develop their transport infrastructures. The second phenomenon that would be analysed is the developments in the IT infrastructure in the international economy. Since the mid 1980s computing systems have dramatically transformed the work place and personal life. The rapid creation and marketing of new
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