Impact Of Globalization And Tourism

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Globalization and Tourism Introduction: Globalization and technological advances have changed the way the organization of work, governments and communities. The new business model of the driving forces behind these changes. This new business model is a philosophy of human organization relies on teamwork and motivation of individuals and reduces waste, including the cost of non-optimal use of human energies and builds the necessary knowledge to create infrastructure. The differences in the ratings between the old and the new business model may be false but the important difference here is that the international accounting standards by making relationships and strategic alliances in companies more transparent. The developing countries of the current driving forces in response to the globalization of style will have a major impact on the standard of living and growth rates and quality of life and development processes in these countries in the coming decades. That application of the new business model will meet in developing countries that lack a well-established institution less resistance than the most sophisticated and entrenched institutions of developed countries. This to the success of tourism in the era of globalization has become an urgent need for humanity as part of a cosmic phenomenon and humanizes among civilizations. That goal requires that holds the humanitarian institutions and not purely commercial and civil society institutions or any other institutions
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