Impact Of Globalization In Egypt

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First, Globalization is the integration among organizations, governments, and people of different countries through investment and international trade or what we call free markets. It resulted of the increasing rate of interdependency between countries. Globalization has different impacts on a nation; it has an economic, cultural, political, environmental, and even human-well being. Our main focus in this paper will be on economic and cultural impacts of Globalization on Egypt. Globalization has positive and negative impacts on any culture, especially in developing countries like Egypt. This shows that we cannot really identify that globalization is good or bad for a specific country; we can only point out how globalization affects the specific…show more content…
However, the case is different now due to more open minds to the idea of globalization, which resulted that majority of the Egyptian families use imported goods even the poor rural families. It has continuing deficits for the last decades as it has a continuous need for importing foodstuffs and oil. However, many Egyptian families get direct or indirect benefits from exportation of oil and tourism. Moreover, Egypt has lowered the trading barriers as it has agreed on several trading agreements inside the Middle East region and outside of it. Afterwards, Egypt replaced the barriers of importing to tariffs, so an in increase in private foreign investments resulted in an increase in the variety of consumer goods. One of Egypt’s main revenues is tourism, which is an effect of globalization. Globalization created the raising rate of working in private sector, which resulted of the raise of the rate of unemployment and underemployment, as there is a slow growth of cultivated lands compared to the growth of population. Industrial and agricultural investment rapidly declined, where as inequality increased significantly because globalization somehow helped…show more content…
Egypt’s culture has self-reference criteria in many of their daily lives activities, so it is somehow difficult to influence this culture, and this was greatly proven after the British occupation for many years as this occupation was not able to change the Egyptians’ language. One of the most apparent impacts of globalization on the Egyptian culture is having English as a dominant Language. The way of teaching, the Internet and other technologies have made the learning and mastering of English as an essential thing for people in the Egyptian culture. Furthermore, the Arabic language may diminish by time as it’s replaced in many communications tools between people like in schools, universities, and even some mass media tools. Most of the decent jobs in Egypt now require the job seeker to have a good fluent English in order to be hired. Moreover, unaware or aware of English language dominating the Egyptian culture, the foreign culture way of living has invaded the youth in Egypt. Also, there is change in people’s tastes and preferences due to the exposure of different products and services. There is also a significant impact of globalization in many big institutions in Egypt like Egypt Air, where the veiled women were not allowed to work there, and this was an apparent influence of integration of countries in which people influence other people’s perspectives. Not only

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