Impact Of Globalization In The Fashion Industry

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Introduction: In this case we are going to describe the globalization and the processes of the forces which they have reshaping for the fashion industry, where we need to describe the changes of the industry and chosen the clothing chain of the Hennes & Mauritz with the company scope of working chain clothing was founded in 1946 in Swedish where they gained the inspiration for the store on the earlier for stores with them low prices and became store a chain clothing with steady and grow in 1967, they bought store about the name of Mauritz and Widforss the first historical name was that after the changes they changed it to the Hennes & Mauritz. Ethical Status: The ethical status shows that respect of the fundamental which is for the business. The ethical means that protecting the human and them rights for providing them in the inclusive business to it environment. Those are not only that responsibility which is for our business mind or even for the colleague but those are serve which give us the good example wherever that they operate the business they are touches the lives with a millions of the people or humans around the world because they are believing that every single of them interactions to be a guided by the mutual respect and integrity for the transparency or even for the honesty. Who are making the ethical business or it decisions, those are committed to the respecting of the human rights, which those have to taking a clear and stand for the against of the

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