Impact Of Globalization On English Language

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The main focus of the journal article is to discuss the positive and negative impacts of globalization and how is has actually affected the branch of English language teaching all over the world it also presents definitions of globalization such as ‘it is an expansion and internationalization of financial markets’ and describes how it is connected to English language and English language teaching.
The author uses examples and data to support the main idea suggesting that the world transformed with what new information technology has made credible to the point that the world has become digitally guided and how this technology has overworked other people life and how it is related with their cultures and traditions, between the circumstances
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The source is relatively current written in 2014 and the author of the article appears to be reputable as he holds an MA and a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and TESOL and have had experience in the fields of study and work which are directly linked to the globalization of English language, and it is intended to teachers, researchers, officials of English language and general…show more content…
The author lists the ten reasons of English being prevalent and is aimed at researchers, general public and academic readers. It mainly focuses on the importance of English language because it states examples of how the language is very useful and powerful around the world as many non-natives are trying to master English and the number of individuals trying to learn English is increasing rapidly as well as the amount of data available in English is astonishing because of the fact that English has become up to a point like a very important subject in a school’s curriculum, The author also mentioned that a lot of in-active and existing languages have come up into English language starting with Latin and ending with French, however, according to the author English is not a limited language as there are a lot of ways of saying the same thing based on the vocabulary you use, there is formal, slang and very formal. This source is published in 2013, it cannot be said that it is out of date because the facts mentioned are still true if we compare them to the time being, however, some data might have slightly changed during the three years which have padded after writing
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