Impact Of Globalization On Food Culture

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2.4. The Impact of Globalization of Food Culture
As the local food markets is becoming more and more a part of the global market. As there are demand for food is expanding day by day. On the other hand blooming economic development bringing changes in every aspect of life throughout the globes due to the liberalization of trade and industrialization (establishment of World Trade Organization in 1980s) (Guindon, 2004), and these cannot be resist, ultimately influencing the food culture of every community. The findings from studies across the world demonstrated various aspect of impact globalization on culture as a whole. According to Zheng Nan (2012) Modernization is the era of cultural exchange, in which people not only exchange food, but also many other things. Author considered food as the passage to understand the culture of another nation; since food can defines a country’s identity. Globalization strategies camouflage the innovative food with traditional element to access into the culture and to be accepted by people (Kannapon, 2010), and abundance availability of cheaper food product in the market, penetrating into the local food system (Natidda, 2009).
Kannapon (2010), demonstrated how food marketer use the age old traditions as powerful key element for their success of food market besides the deep understanding of what customer really needs and what they are paying for. Since, the man usually rooted to his own past, so the age –old traditions of any society can

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