Impact Of Globalization On Gulf Countries

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Globalization impact on the Gulf countries Have you ever noticed people wearing cowboy hats in workplace? Have you ever seen people wearing jeans with multiple holes in it or a long sleeve shirt with a tie? They are all examples of the American culture invasion or which is called “Americanization”. There have been a lot of arguments last years on the impact of globalization on the Gulf countries or the Islamic world in general. From each angle in the argument we look at we see different kinds of cultural invasion, it’s more like an endless war between two cultures and the survival for the strong one, and there have been a lot of these wars and invasions over the past centuries. Although there are variable opinions about globalization effects between the supporter and the oppositionist, Its quite clear that globalization has had a negative effect on gulf countries on several ways. Globalization has been defined as uncontrolled power similar to a worldwide market that is not related to any country it transforms the world into a one single market. “Globalization is essentially a process through which policies, events and decisions in one part of the world influence social, economic and political policies in other parts of the world, it refers to " universalization" of western liberal democracy as the final form of human government” (Huntington, 1997, P31). Let’s minimize our region to the gulf countries only, gulf countries had been

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