Impact Of Globalization On Human Rights In India

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Globalization – Its Impact on Human Rights in India

Globalization is a phenomenon by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated into one through a global network of communication, transportation, and trade. It involves a further progress and broadening of rapid increase of interstate exchanges due to the advancements of technology, communications and media. Such exchanges and interactions which occur at different levels of governance and also among non-state entities create a more interdependent among the various nations of the world. Sometimes it is also refer as economic globalization as it is characterized by the integration of various national economies in to international economy though trade, foreign direct investment, capital flow, migration and spread of information technology. The term globalization can be used to refer specifically to economic globalization which the world is increasing integrated in to one capitalist political economy operating under a neo-liberal free market ideology.
Globalization as we witness today is not a recent phenomenon although its forms and structure that comes it have changed. It has been evolving for the past several years and gaining momentum day by day. The trend of globalization in the present is of a shift from a world economy based on national market economies to a borderless global market economy increasingly governed by a single set of rules frame by some international institutions
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