Impact Of Globalization On Indian Agriculture

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IMPACT OF LIBERALIZATION AND GLOBALIZATION POLICY OF 1991 ON INDIAN AGRICULTURAL SECTOR WITH SPECIAL REFRENCE TO RURAL PEASANTS AND FARMERS AND STRUCTURAL FORMATION OF INDIAN AGRICULTURE ROHAN MADAN Works Cited Botho, D.J., 2010. Impact globalization on Indian Agriculture. International Refered Research Journal, 1(17). Gulati, A., 2009. Emerging trends in Indian Agriculture. Agricultural economics research review, 22. INTRODUTUCTION Globalization is the process of integration of world economies through cross border flow of factors, products and information. In Indian context it implies opening up the economy to foreign direct investment and provide entry to Multinational corporations in India. This paper will only focus on the effects of liberalization and economic reforms on the India agricultural sector. Agricultural sector is the means of income of many people. According to the latest W.T.O report 58% Indian population depends upon agriculture for their basic subsistence. 42% of Gross Domestic Product of India is derived from the agricultural sector .One must be made familiar with the fact that, India exports agricultural products such as tea, coffee, rice, wheat, sugar, vegetables; fruits, cashew nut etc. and imports milk products, cashew nut, fruits, edible oil, chicken, seeds etc., which are solely and primarily agricultural, and farming based products. Since 1991,Agriculture in India is moving towards a more kind of corporate type of agriculture because of
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