Impact Of Globalization On Industrial Relations

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ABSTRACT Globalization engendered new demand of international competition and dramatic advance in technology, which notably influence operations of the market place and how the production is organized in many Indian industries. It’s the right time for the enterprises to provide the right product, at the right price and time. As India has been more incorporated into the global economy, new problems were emerging in the industrial relations system. This integration results in increasing international economic interdependence, distributing traditional industrial relation arrangements in several broad ways. Previously, these arrangements have been generally confined to national markets only. But after globalization, there occurred an expansion of these boundaries to international markets. This article affords a broad overview of the evolution of the Indian system of industrial relation by gazing on pre and post independence relations. Discusses the impact and challenges of globalization on IR practices and its role in timeline trend drift. As a way out, contemplated various decorative practices which have shaped and are sharpening such relations in India how IR instigate enterprise productivity and economic growth. Key words: Industrial Relations, Globalization, international competition enterprise productivity and economic growth. INTRODUCTION Industrial Relation is a relation between employer and employees, employees and employees and employees and trade unions - Industrial

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