The Effects Of Globalization On Sustainable Human Development In Africa

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Introduction Globalization has become a force to reckon with and running from it is difficult. The key reason of globalization is to promote an environment that will make it possible for all people to realize their full potential. However, the main concerned has remained what impact does globalization have and continues to have on sustainable human development especially in the lives of those who are poor and vulnerable. Is this force working for them or against them and has it changed the gender roles for both men and women in Africa. In this paper I will define globalization and sustainable human development then proceed to give effects of globalization on sustainable human development in Africa highlight the major changes that have occurred…show more content…
It is an international socio-politico-economic and cultural permeation process facilitated by policies of governments, private corporations, international agencies and civil society organizations. It essentially seeks to enhance and deploy a country’s (society’s or organization’s) economic, political, technological, ideological and military power and influence for competitive domination in the world.(Nsibambi, 2001) In Africa the process of globalization have been implemented through the structural adjustment programs which were most intense in the 80’s and 90’s. Sustainable Human Development "Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."— from the World Commission on Environment and Development’s. Effects of Globalization in Africa Trade liberalization eliminated restrictions on capital movement but it seems to favour advanced nations and big companies. Example: World Trade Organization rules are biased in the sense that they force developing countries to open up their markets to the imports of the developed countries, but does not open or widen the developed countries’ markets to the exports of…show more content…
This helps women to prove themselves and increase their choices, so they find job opportunities and thus gain income. Because of the growing tendency of the unlimited consumption pattern. The problem of unlimited consumption is a problem facing households all over the world, even in the developed countries, therefore the question is how can we rationalize the consumption behavior of the household, because unlimited consumption will deprive the next generations from their rights in consumption. Therefore, women play a very important role in the rationalization of consumption as they are responsible for household expenditure and budget, but of course women alone cannot do this and all sectors of the government are needed to help so that women can raise domestic savings to be able to finance economic

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