Impact Of Globalization On The Culture Of The UAE

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Globalization is a term that refers to the procedure where any organization or people communicate, integrate or interact with international institutions and nations. Whereas, culture is a term that refers to the belief and communal norms of the people and the traditions of a particular community. It includes many things from linguistics, music, food, clothes, religion to arts and lifestyle. The globalization has a great impact on culture of any nation. UAE has a much diversified culture because of globalization (Lotfollah Forouzandeh Dehkordi, 2011) and it can be clearly visualized. UAE culture has its deep roots linked with Islamic traditions. As the area has major dessert and sea culture, it can be clearly seen from the food, music and clothes of the Arabs. This analysis highlights the positive and negative impacts of globalization on the culture of the UAE. Main body: The UAE is known of its diversified traditions and culture. Nowadays, UNESCO is playing a very important role for safeguarding the cultural traditions of UAE, as the globalization has led to the influence of many western cultures in the UAE. The main aim of it is to attract numerous tourists around the globe to come and appreciate the civilization of the UAE. (SH Appelbaum, 2011) Globalization has increased the financial and communal interaction among the people from all over the world to the UAE. Hence, it can have both negative as well as positive impacts on the cultural and communal status of the UAE.

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