Impact Of Google Advertising On E-Commerce

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Abstract: E-commerce refers to the process of buying and selling goods and services over the Internet. While consumers are better informed than ever before, the online advertising markedly has some part to play. Google smarter, visual ads for holiday shopping which sever as a link between consumer and seller has great impact on e-commerce. This essay demonstrates how Google ads use effective ways to attract people’s attention and give retailer some advantage to create add value. At last, it will come to a conclusion what implications it has on e-commerce.
When it comes to Google revolutionary, the first product echoing in my head is ads which generate 90 percent of its annual revenue through search engine and video display. Nowadays, more than half of all searchers taking place on smart phones, the ad revamp is necessary to catch the eye on smaller screens, but the smaller screen size means that the impact of ranking is grater compared to ads displayed on personal computers. Given the requirements of mobile users who value the time saving and convenience so much, those advertisement sellers should match the ads product with the right media.

Google ads serve as a link to both seller and customer-mobile users. As e-commerce is changing the people’s consumption style, Google Shopping (Fig.1) is keeping up with the change with e-commerce and playing the important role in strategies. Google Shopping generated 15% of Google Incorporate revenue during 2015, which

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