Impact Of Human Development On Economic Growth In Pakistan

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Human Development progress is considered to be an important factor to reduce poverty. The investment for the wellbeing of people leads towards economic growth. The health sector has an important role in the economy of any country. The healthy population positively affects human capital by contributing in economic & social development.
Health is basic right of every individual in each country. The health of citizens affects the economic performance of a nation. The investment in the health sector may leads to prosperity. The health labour of a country will improve productivity and economic development.
Inadequate health facilities, un availability of clean drinking water, insufficient resources for better medical treatment adversely affected the health of people and economic growth ultimately. The economic condition could be better by increase in productivity of labour, supply of labour, increase in skills and education. This would be possible when people have better health facilities. Physically and mentally healthy labour can do work more efficiently.
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) gave objectives regarding poverty reduction, providing human rights to health, security and better education facilities must be provided to the people. Pakistan is on its track to achieve this goal in health sector. Pakistan with regard to fulfill its MDGs commitments has made considerable progress on health related indicators over the last 20 years. But the gains have been

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