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Advertisement has derived from latin word “Advertere” which means “ to turn the mind towards”. It has some psychological impact on consumers and it also influences their buying decision. Opportunities and benefits of using humor as a stimuli in advertising is appealing to any advertiser and businesses as they aall aim for boosting sales. However one of the toughest job is to influence human mind. Father of advertising and one of the marketing genius David Ogilvy says, ”The customer is not a moron, she is your wife. Don’t insult her intelligence”
Advertisers need to invest in researching about their customer like one has to understand his wife. This report is more focused on humor side of the advertisement so that one can know benefits of humor
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There are three things which contribute to the success of humor which inturn turn out to be appealing for the consumer those three things are-
1.Humor makes consumer watch
2. humor also make them laugh.
3. humor also make consumer to remember the advertisement.
Humor is used for about 24% of T.V commercials and about 35% for radio commercial.
Now lets see how humor advertisement impact consumers positively:
• When a consumer see a funny advertisement he generally discusses with his friends and family.
• Humor also bring high level of involvement to the consumer
These are the two factors which help companies to make positive image for any brand.
There are various types of humor which advertiser needs to keep in mind while advertising his product to large number of masses and also make sure it is appropriate for the product which he wants to advertise. Following are the various type of humor advertisement
1. COMPARISON- In this type two or more elements included together to produce humorous situation. Example for such type
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