Impact Of Ict In Higher Education

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Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education makes teaching-learning process more effective, interesting and interactive. To know the impact of ICT in higher education we need to know the two basic things ICT and Education. This research article entitled ‘ICT and Higher Education’ aims at elaborating the basic concepts of E-learning from the point of teaching-learning process in higher education. The researcher has also pointed out the stages in ICT teaching-learning process & pinpointed the challenges in integrating ICT in higher education.
Key Words : E-learning, ICT,ICT-Skills, etc.

The use of Information and Communication Technology in higher education is helping to increase the access to information
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Digital Divide – This technology is reducing the geographical boundaries to education. The individuals and various educational and even non-educational organizations can have at their door-step a huge information, world wide educational course ware, irrespective of their location. However, this access to information is not free of cost, further it needs to spend on expensive hardware and software & limitations of ‘Telecommunications’ creates the major hurdles to most of the organizations intending to use ICT. To meet the global needs and to face the global competition, a poor country like Vietnam has also began to obtain the internet access and started implementation of ICT in their educational sector. But, it is increasing the cost of infrastructure for the educational institutes. It is quite impossible for the public sector undertakings of undeveloped and poor countries. The ‘geographical center-periphery divide’ in education is being replaced by ‘digital divide’ between those who are capable to have access with ICT and those who cannot afford to implement ICT…show more content…
- Web-supported Tex-book Courses – On-line test books, study materials are made available on the web-sites.
- Peer-to-peer Courses – A new online field emerged in 2007 made available ‘on-demand’ and without a prepared curriculum.
Challenges of Implementing ICT in Higher Education:
The significant challenges that the higher education policy-makers and planners needs to take into account includes – Educational Policy & Planning, Infrastructure, Language & Content, Capacity Building, and Financing.
Elements of ICT Planning in Higher Education –
- Rigorous analysis of present state of the higher education system, consideration of ICT-based interventions, drivers & barriers to use ICT needs to be identified,
- Specifications of educational goals at different educational & training levels needs to be evaluated
- Identification of stakeholders and harmonizing the efforts across different interest groups.
- Analyzing existing source of financing & developing the strategies for generating finance to implement ICT in higher education.
Infrastructural Challenges:
- Ensuring proper electrical wiring, heating-cooling and ventilation, safety & security,

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