Islam In Kazakh Culture Essay

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The positive impact of Islam on Kazakh culture
Culture is complex whole, which includes religion, traditions, beliefs, morals, knowledges, customs, and any other facilities and habits obtained by man as a member of society (Tylor 1871). Islam is a major religion of Republic of Kazakhstan (Omelicheva 2011). It played immensely essential role in the formation of Kazakh ethnic culture and national consciousness. Islamic teaching patterns In Kazakhstan have been extremely consistent since Arabic people that traded on the Silk Road first preached the faith among Kazakh people the eighth century. Moreover, other religions beside Islam were widespread in Kazakh steeps. Nevertheless, the freedom in religion is declared in Kazakhstan and the influence of the Soviet Union definitely affected the strictness of Islamic laws. During the Soviet period, as a result of the policy of state atheism, the religious situation is characterized by a weakened position of Islam. There were some consequences after repressive actions such as destruction of many mosques and closing of holy places. In contemporary Kazakhstan, Islam is an important factor in shaping cultural self-identification and spiritual identity (Edelbay 2012). Islam have influenced some areas of Kazakh culture such as traditions, marriage, customs, cuisine, family and beliefs in the positive way since its origins until modern time.
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It was a widespread tradition in Kazakhstan up to the beginning of XX century, when Kazakh men were allowed to have two or more wives (Krader 2006).
In addition, marriage in early adolescence is one of the features of the Islamic impact that was normal in the society. Kazakh underage children usually married at 13, especially girls due to child-betrothal. Parents negotiated with each other in advance before the children’s birth or in early childhood (Krader

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