Impact Of Jim Crow Law On African Americans

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If you were to have the advantage to time travel and go back to the day’s when the African Americans were not treated as equals, it would more than be a horrific sight to see. The color of their skin determined their rights in life. To me that sounds like a horrible way to live. For instance during the civil war President Abraham Lincoln was working on purging the country from segregation. However, he was not able to finish this job he had started because of his unfortunate assassination. The Jim Crow law made it exceptionally hard for the African American community to gain Civil Rights. The law declared that in places of business, schools, churches, etc. it was acceptable to have the act of segregation. There was a group of people who were…show more content…
However, their were much more people that wanted to keep segregation alive. This was a major drawback for African Americans. Another setback for the African Americans Civil rights was the 15th Amendment which allowed everyone to vote. However it seem as if that law passed did nothing for the African American community they were still fighting for the freedom to vote.Thankfully,
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