Impact Of Job Satisfaction In Bpo

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Employee Job Satisfaction inBPO Industry with Reference to Indore

Associate Prof. Geetanjali Bhambhani
Sushila Devi Bansal College of Engineering, Indore
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InIndia, the scenario of BPO sector is encouraging. Managing BPO employees in terms of increasing their job satisfaction,performance level., creating fun at work, keeping them motivated towards organizational goals, and to retain them in order to sustain competitiveness in the markets are the majorissues for any BPO organization. BPOs have been in news for certain contradictory issues. While this industry is able to create more employment on the other hand is facing the problem of attrition. Although these issues have been addressed from different
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It expresses the amount of agreement between one’s expectation of the job and the rewards that the job provides. Job Satisfaction is a part of life satisfaction. The nature of one’s environment of job is an important part of life as Job Satisfaction influences one’s general life satisfaction. Job Satisfaction, thus, is the result of various attitudes possessed by an employee. In a narrow sense, these attitudes are related to the job under condition with such specific factors such as wages. Supervisors of employment, conditions of work, social relation on the job, prompt settlement of grievances and fair treatment by employer. However, more comprehensiveapproach requires that many factors are to be included before a complete understanding of job satisfaction can be obtained. Such factors as employee’s age, health temperature, desire and level of aspiration should be considered. Further his family relationship, Social status, recreational outlets, activity in the organizations etc. Contribute ultimately to job satisfaction.In order for an organization to be successful they must continuously ensure the satisfaction of their employees. There are various components that are considered to be vital to job satisfaction. These variables are important because they all influence the way a person feels about their job. These components include the following: pay, promotion, benefits,…show more content…
There are different factors on which job satisfaction depends. Important among them are discussed hereunder.
 Personal factors: They include workers’ sex,education,age,marital status and their personal characteristics,family background, socio-economic background and the like.
 Factors Inherent in the job: These factors have recently been studied and found to be important in the selection of employees. Instead of being guided by their co-workers and supervisors, the skilled workers would rather like to be guided by their own inclination to choose jobs in consideration of ‘what they have to do’. These factors include: the work itself, conditions, influence of internal and external environment on the job which are uncontrolled by the management etc.
 Factors controlled by the management: They include the nature of supervision, job security, kind of work group, wage rate, promotional opportunities, and transfer policy, duration of work and sense of responsibilities. All these factors greatly influence the workers. Their presence in the organization motivates the workers and provides a sense of job

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