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Mass Media Reach and Effects: A study done by the Indian Institute of Mass Communications, New Delhi on mass media preference and consumption in rural India called ‘A Study on Bharat Nirman Campaign’ in 2015 concluded that television is the best medium to target rural and semi-urban audiences for public service advertising. Doordarshan’s regional channels remained one of the preferred communication mediums for accessing information along with other regional channels: the use of the regional idiom would appeal to native viewers in rural areas. Newspapers and radio appeared to seriously lag behind as mass media vehicles of choice in comparison to television. The mobile telephone had made some inroads; however, it was hardly being used as a medium for accessing public service information. Analysis of Transcripts: 1. Artery: “Every bidi cigarette is doing you damage, This is part of the main blood vessel to the heart Smoking makes the walls of blood vessels sticky and collects dangerous deposits This much was found in the blood vessel of a typical smoker Aged 32, every bidi cigarette is doing you damage” - Every bidi here acts as a hyperbolic expression that increases the magnitude of the effect on the reader - Alliteration in doing and damage, sticks in readers mind more - Informative sentence increases credibility of the argument - “Dangerous deposits”: alliteration again in the 3rd line. - Repetition of doing you damage: inclusion of “you” right next to damage

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