Impact Of Mining Pollution

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GREEN PROCUREMENT OF FUEL INTRODUCTION Mining is the process of extraction of valuable materials or geological materials from the deposits which are also called as reserves from the earth’s surface. Through mining we usually get metals, coal, oil shale, limestone, potash, gravel etc. in addition to that we also have the extraction of crude oil, natural gas and so on. In short we have the extraction of all states of fuel solid, liquid and gas. Whatever the fuel type maybe, mining of these fuels will ultimately have a negative impact on the environment during the mining activity and as well as the after the mine has been closed. In order to prevent or at the most reduce the environmental impact of mining, we have to either stop mining or find out better ways to mine. Now the former as we know it is close to impossible and because of that we have to start to find out better ways to mine. But before we find out better ways to mine, we have to find out to what extent the mining operations are affecting the environment. This report will take into consideration the various places in coal mines which are the cause of pollution and because each mine is a unique kind of its own, this report will give generalized formulas to find out how much pollutant are being released in to the environment. OPEN CAST MINES Open cast mines are the type of mines where excavations or cuts are made on the earth’s surface and which are open to the atmosphere throughout the mines operating life. This
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