Impact Of Modernity In The Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution that happened in Europe between the 18th and 19th centuries , brought technology and manufacturing to all fields of industry . This was the era of modernity and enlightenment . modernity changed societies and people 's point of views of themselves . Some sociologists see that modernity is a good thing for the world , while others see it as an evil that damaged the values in societies. It also changed the ruling system and brought new ideologies to modern societies . This paper will answer the question what is the main strength and main limitation of modernity . the Purpose of this paper is to show that technology in industry the main strength of modernity and the main limitation is the workers conditions in factories and their lives in capitalism after the industrial revolution . This paper will be divided into four parts . the first part will discuss the principles of modernity in General . the second part will discuss the technology in industry and the workers conditions after the industrial revolution. The third part will discuss the technology in industry through the case study in German. The last part will discuss the workers conditions in capitalist society and the child labor . this paper will use a part of Marx 's theory about capitalism . Modernity is a
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