Impact Of Motivation On Performance

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Impact of Employee Motivation on Performance (Productivity) In private Organization
Nupur chaudry, shrarma, (2012) investigated that the impact of employee motivation on performance (productivity) in private organization and they determine that the motivation is the most important factor that can influence and impact organization efficiency. The findings in article is that in organization all facilities will going to be failed if the employees are unable to utilize the facilities with efficiency. In organization every superior must need to motivate its subordinate for the right types of behavior and attitude. The human being in the organization that can be dependent on the factors of capability in the motivation.
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a Motta (1995) is of view that performance on job is the result of ability and motivated serve as the high education, equipment, training , experience ease in task and two types of capabilities i.e mental and physical. The most bonding agent of the performance evaluation on an employee is reward programs. In majority of the organization require their employees to work with determined rules and regulations, and the job requirement that comply with full standards. To find the relationship between compensation and individual an investigations that have been conducted were focused to increase the performance. Ciscly (1974) the mot high employees that are motivated serve as the high competitive advantage for any company it just because their performance is a major tool which a company can achieve its organization goal easily.
Among financial, economical and human resources are more vital that can provide a company competitive edge as compared to others. According to Andrew (2004) the more commitment for all employees is based on rewards and reorganization Dee prose (1994) argued that the employee’s motivation and their work productivity can be increased through providing them an effective recognition in a organization which can ultimately result in improved
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Organization effectiveness means that which formulates independent business identity for some specific purpose by composition of people is commonly known as organization and getting desired and satisfactory outcome with in defined available resources is treated as effectiveness. Organization effectiveness is how an organization in accomplishing the task and result the organization aims to generate with efficiency.
Muhammad (2011) to increase effectual job management than employee motivation is one of the policies which help employee to work in manner among all employees in organizations (Shadare 2009) .RUTHERFORD (1990) repotted that motivation formulates an organization more successful formulated the motivation technique because employee are constantly looking for improved and better practices to do a efficient work. so it is more

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