Impact Of Movies On Learning English

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In this research, I will discuss the impact of movies on learning a second language like English. Do watching movies really help fasten the learning process?. What is so special about subtitled movies! And what can it add to the experience of learning a new language such as English?. Why some language teachers think that watching movies is such a helpful and a good reliable resource to learn English?
What is the relation between learning a culture and a language? Is it possible to learn the language alone, separated from its culture?

Before 1944 people in the middle east did not have the chance of watching English movies, very few had the interest in watching any foreign movie at all because of the language barrier specially that English was not such a dominant language as it is now. Not anyone could speak English fluently and it was not that easy to learn a new language. Despite that Anis Obeid is considered to be the father of Arabian subtitled movies, even though he studied Engineering in France, he followed his passion to cinemas which led him to start his own subtitling business in his homeland Cairo.
After long negotiations with the filmmakers in Egypt Anis was able to convince them to present an English movie with Arabic subtitle. Romeo and Juliet was his first Arabic subtitled movie to be shown in cinemas everywhere in Eygpt. After the massive success of the subtitling business a lot of people followed Anis Obeid 's lead, which made
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